Hindsight is an expensive way to manage your CCaaS migration

No Cost RFP Process

Leverage our experience and allow us to build your RFP that will uncover not only what you need but what the suppliers are not telling you about their solution. Remember, it’s not what is said that is important but what is avoided being said in the sales pitch – we will uncover that.

Process Driven

Tying all of your technologies together is important but building the processes to suit those technologies is more important. We work with your team to ensure that your have the right teams and processes in place so you can utilize the technology properly and effectively from day 1.

Avoid False Starts

We work with our clients to ensure that they avoid the costly mistakes of a false start. Buying too much to soon, not having the proper procedures in place to support the new technology and not phasing in tools at the right pace are just a few mistakes that our experience will help you avoid.

On-time and On-Budget

With some many project tied to a CCaaS migration it is all too easy to allow the project to miss critical deadlines. Cloudlinx will co-pilot every migration and make sure that all parties are accountable to deadlines and their commitments.

Supporting Technology

Is your CRM being used correctly? Is your CCaaS solution going to be built o an MPLS backbone or an open internet architecture? Will you need a new UCaaS solution? How do they tie together and who do yo use? Allow Cloudlinx to work to ensure these individual solutions are all working together.

Eyes Wide Open

The most dangerous part of every purchase is: not knowing what you did not know. Cloudlinx will help you avoid this pitfall by bringing years of experience to the table to fulfill this project goals. On average we save our Clients 20% by enabling this purchase to be done strategically and with the right positioning internally.

Why Our Clients Engage Us

Avoid Mistakes

We help our clients avoid the critical mistakes that plague CCCaaS purchasing decisions. By using our experience our clients are able to save almost 20% on every project by effectively negotiating upfront each element of their requirements and avoiding the “I didn’t know about that” hindsight that throws budgets off.


Inevitably, something will go wrong or breakdown within the provider’s solution.
By staying engaged with Cloudlinx, our clients get to leverage our relationships with suppliers and our ability to escalate on their behalf to resolve issues faster than they could on their own.

Cost Avoidance

We all know that “change orders” kill budgets as quickly as missing “go-live” dates. Cloudlinx is your strategic purchasing asset to avoid these potential budget drains!

Your Success = Our Success

Since we are not charging for our services, we need to ensure that solutions we put in place are the right ones to drive your customers’ success or we will lose money on an engagement.

What do we do?

Cloudlinx is your strategic asset when considering a CCaaS purchase. We work with our clients to give them the knowledge, leverage and experience necessary to avoid costly mistakes other clients have made. You could say “we sell mistakes” others have made so you don’t do the same.

How do we do this? Our collaboration model allows our clients to gain valuable experience that they do not have on their own. Our process is designed to build a solution that suits your needs both now and in the future.

Our process leaves nothing to chance – your Client’s satisfaction drives both of our success!


This is the longest portion in our process where we take the time to understand every element of your business goals for your new network.
This is an exhaustive phase where we gather each requirement and their inter-relation to the business targets. Understanding this sets the stage for a successful RFP.

Strategic Sourcing

The goals of this phase is to ensure that the selection of the right vendor is apparent. We will ensure an RFP is developed & managed
in a completely turn-key fashion, so you are able to take definitive action with a solution provider with a deal that is tilted in your favor.


This is the most common point where projected savings & benefits are undone. Our projects take shape very different than normal “agents”..

..or “consultants”; we ensure that no information is lost between sales and operations and stay involved to drive the solution forward so that it is delivered on-time and how you were promised.

Ongoing Management

Once a network is up and running its usefulness is diminished if it is not easily managed & supported. Cloudlinx ensures that..

..the solution was delivered with management ease in mind and that your team, along with us as an escalation point, has the training, access and capabilities to proactively support their new network.

Cloudlinx transforms contact center in 6 months and saves client $400,000 annually.

Cloudlinx transforms the largest union in the country into a premier customer service organization.

Combining two major hospital groups is a dauting task; Cloudlinx help build a unified contact center platform to give the patients one feel.

Team Members


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